Sister2Sister Children’s Home and School

Our largest project is building the Sister2Sister Children’s Home and School in Ngong, Kenya. Thousands of children in Kenya are homeless due to poverty, violence, drought, illness such as HIV/AIDS and those born in the prison system. Kitale is estimated to have approximately 2,000 children living in the streets, where the average life expectancy is just 16 years old. Sister2Sister has established architecture plans, purchased a plot of land for the home, secured a water source and are currently constructing the building of the home and school. We are actively raising money to fund the rest of this project. Our total goal at completion is $250,000.

Workers laying down the foundation of the school and mission house.

Active construction site of the mission house and school.

Construction of the Sister2Sister Children’s Home and School is underway.

The inside of the Sister2Sister Mission House.

Neighborhood children who live and play nearby.

Front view of the Sister2Sister Missions House which is almost completed.

View from the balcony of the Sister2Sister Mission House overlooking the Sister2Sister Children’s Home and School construction.

The completed vision of the Sister2Sister Mission House, Children’s Home and School.

The Children’s Home will be a blessing to the children, the village, and the community. Please watch the videos to learn more about it and the children!